Superfreak Bandits Rob Bank Disguised As Rick James And Youngblood

Robbin’ banks and bustin’ out.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

It’s Rick James, bitch. Robbin’ banks and bustin’ out.

Or is it?

Two men dressed like Rick James and 70s drug dealer Youngblood Priest from Superfly robbed a bank in Indiana on September 19th, according to Fox 59.

The Super Thieves were armed with guns when they held up the Indiana Members Credit Union and demanded money from the tellers, according to ABC 6. The two men got the funk outta there and fled with an undisclosed amount cash.

Police suspect the same men also robbed the Advance America bank in Indiana on Sept. 15. The robbers are still on the loose, and police are encouraging anyone with information to reach out.

In the meantime, the jury's out on who does a better Rick James impression: Dave Chapelle, or these guys.