Rick Owens Explains WTF Happened At His Paris Fashion Week Show

We're still pretty confused, TBH.

Walking the runway at fashion week solo is stressful. Leave it to Rick Owens to come up with a solution for his Spring 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week: sending models down in pairs.

These, of course, are no regular twosomes. In true Owens fashion, the designer sent models out wearing one another for the trip down the runway. "Human knapsacks" -- which sound more like an attraction at one of Stefan's favorite nightclubs than what audience members of the show explained on social media as "the burden of life" and "the baggage we all carry is ... each other" -- give new meaning to women supporting one another.

The avant-garde designer took to Tumblr on Friday for a Q&A, where he explained his inspiration and reasoning for the model-on-model action.

"There was an Annie Leibovitz image of Leigh Bowery carrying his wife Nicola in a harness they would use for a birthing performance that I always loved. It was transgressive and sweet at the same time. I thought doing it with women would be a nice interpretation and developed other poses from there," he said.

OK, fair enough, but a more in-depth explanation later in the Q&A sent us straight back to head-scratching:

Owens' show has become synonymous with some type of buzz-worthy event (remember those penis cloaks?) So this new cheeky (we had to) move is not really surprising. And hey, at least he let them walk in flats.

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