Rielle Hunter-John Edwards Relationship Reportedly Cools As Trial Begins

Things have cooled down between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, the New York Post reports.

A server at a restaurant in Charlotte told the Post that the former presidential candidate and the mother of his love child "didn't seem romantic" at the establishment they reportedly frequented on a regular basis. According to the observer, however, the pair "looked like a married couple" and "you would think that if you didn’t know them."

In a 2010 interview with GQ, Hunter discussed how she fell "head over heels in love" with Edwards.

The latest news on the relationship between Edwards and Hunter comes as arguments begin in the trial on whether the 2008 candidate violated campaign finance laws. The AP relays background on the case:

Edwards, 58, pleaded not guilty to six criminal counts related to nearly $1 million in secret payments from two wealthy supporters. Much of the money was used to hide the then-married politician's pregnant mistress during his 2008 White House campaign.

Prosecutors are expected to argue that Edwards masterminded a conspiracy to conceal his affair. Edwards' lawyers contend the payments were gifts from friends intent on keeping the candidate's wife from finding out about the mistress, Rielle Hunter, and her baby. Elizabeth Edwards died in December 2010 after battling cancer.

U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Eagles, who was appointed in 2010 by President Barack Obama, will preside. She said she expects the proceedings to last about six weeks.

A new CBS News/New York Times poll finds that only 3 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Edwards.

Below, a slideshow of the most intriguing revelations from Hunter in her 2010 interview with GQ.