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Rihanna Declares Her Love For New York With Giant Heart-Shaped Fur Coat

She's the only girl in the world that could pull this off.

Move over, Taylor Swift. If you ask us, there’s a new, even more dedicated New York City ambassador in town.

Rihanna stepped out for a friend’s birthday in NYC over the weekend wearing a giant red heart-shaped fox fur coat and denim cut-offs. If you thought she was celebrating being the love of Drake’s life (and everyone else’s), think again.

“I ❤ NY,” she captioned an Instagram showing off the curious look.

As if the grand gesture of wearing a giant $15,500 Saint Laurent coat in 81-degree weather wasn’t enough, she also did something only few true New York enthusiasts would dare to do.

Rihanna went in the street in her big fur coat and fed pigeons.

Regardless of how many times they’re told getting pooped on by a pigeon is good luck, New Yorkers tend to find the birds to be somewhat of a nuisance ― but not Rihanna.

She is so dedicated to this great city, she’s happy to even dote on its less than appreciated inhabitants.

Not into feeding animals while wearing them? Try getting your hands on one of these faux fur alternatives.

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