Awesome Raccoon Taunts Cats, Steals Their Food & Wins Hearts

"She'll bring her friends and just sit out there and snag all the cat food."

This raccoon is a master taunter

Not only does Rocksy steal food from cats, but she does it with them watching helplessly from behind a glass door. 

Rocksy even knocks on the door to demand more food. And since little paws don't make much noise, the raccoon has learned to pick up a rock and tap it against the glass.

This video of Rocksy was uploaded by Susie Chinn of Sarasota, Florida. She told Inside Edition that the raccoon has been coming around her home for a year. Chinn said that when she tosses the rock, Rocksy simply finds another one and comes back.

Chinn, who volunteers at an animal shelter, said she's had a rabies shot and warns against picking up or handling wild animals. However, she wants to educate people that a raccoon out in the daytime doesn't mean it has rabies; many are nursing mothers looking for food.

Rocksy, she said, has four cubs in a den nearby. 


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