Rush Limbaugh Attacks Sandra Fluke Again (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh went after Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke again on Tuesday for what he called "coordinating" with President Obama to "scare students about the interest rates on their loans."

During his Tuesday radio show, Limbaugh read a tweet Fluke sent, which said, "#DontDoubleMyRate. Many students will see the interest rate on Fed #StudentLoans increase if Congress doesn't act by 7/1."

Limbaugh called Fluke's tweet a coincidence since she allegedly sent it thirty minutes before Obama told students at the University of North Carolina that their federal student loans will double if Congress doesn't act by July 1.

Limbaugh laid into the law student, saying that "contraception isn't enough" and that "some people want their education paid for by other people too." He also seemingly mocked Fluke as the person his listeners all knew for "courageously and bravely fighting for contraception at Georgetown and wherever else it can be provided at no charge."

After rereading her tweet, Limbaugh said, "Sandra Fluke is just a poor, uh, isolated, alone little college student worried about her contraception at Georgetown. But now she's represented by the flacks in the White House—Hilary Rosen Anita Dunn—and they're coordinating with Obama, scaring students about the interest rates on their student loans."

Listen to Limbaugh's comments in the videos above and below.