Salt Bae Serving Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Us A Dash Of Comfort

Talk about meat sweats.

Arguably, the best meme right now is #SaltBae ― and Leonardo DiCaprio clearly agrees.

Let’s back up. Salt Bae is a Turkish chef, real name Nusret Gökce, who knows how to make a great cut of meat. Or rather, he knows how to make meat both sexy and sassy, and share his skills on social media.

Just look at what he does with this one:

Salt Bae says his salting methods are just his “signature.”

“You can think of it a kind of final touch for a painting. It was a final touch to the meat; I was blessing the meat,” he told the Hurriyet Daily News. (Yes, bless that meat!)

And, as per Salt Bae’s latest Instagram post, DiCaprio likes his meat blessed, too.

2017 Oscar adayi sensin dedi#saltbae #saltlife #salt @leonardodicaprio

A photo posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

Are you salivating? Do you have a thousand questions?


We don’t know why the actor was in Dubai, or how he came across Salt Bae’s new restaurant over there, but we’re so glad it happened.

Also, a quick trip over to Salt Bae’s website yields such a fantastic portrait that it needs to be shared here:

Wow. Just wow. Leo is so lucky to have met him.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

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