School Lunch: Should the Government Be Feeding Schoolchildren Lunch? (Debate)

Change My Mind: Should the Government be Feeding Your Kids Lunch?

Most kids are picky about what they eat, at any age. Even before they can speak they can make facial expressions that indicate, in no uncertain terms, "Get that disgusting pablum out of my face."

Now public school children and teens are rebelling at the healthy food they feel is being shoved at them on a government spoon. When calorie limits were set for lunch menus by Congress earlier this fall, you'd think the feds had passed a national child starvation bill. And they don't like any better the new nutritional standards that came into effect earlier this year, which saw their favorite junky items replaced with healthier choices such as carrots and spinach.

Is there any winning with the some 31-million American kids who must participate daily in the National School Lunch Program?

As part of the Huffington Post's ongoing "School Lunch Project," we reached out to two experts on government lunch policy -- with decidedly opposing views -- as to whether schools should, in the end, be responsible for feeding our children.

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