Secret Agent Problems

There was only one product in my youth that had people waiting in line (for hours, not days), and it was the Nintendo 64. You know, the console that brought us GoldenEye 007! It came with two controllers, but it really should have also included a bong. In 2004 I moved to London and the iPhone didn't exist so calling home meant expensive phone cards with sixteen digit access codes that I had to quickly punch into my Nokia. FaceTime would have been nice. That Nokia was a piece of sh*t, but the battery lasted forever, unlike my iPhone that gives me a panic attack when it drops below 20%.

How can I get an uber home or take a pic of my taco truck meal if my iPhone's dead?!

For twenty bucks I got a 20000maH external battery that's just bigger than a deck of cards and it charges my iPhone 6 five times, so as much as we complain about battery life, at least we now have options. In the summer of '92 I bought the Sega Game Gear with dreams of playing Sonic fireside on our camping trip. It barely lasted the first hour of our ten days in the woods. I remember trying to sleep while my parents had sex, this was horrible, because I was in the tent too.

Technologically we have come a long way, but NOT in one very important area. When I encountered the everyday problem that follows I thought rather than rant about it in a comedy club I would develop it into a quick (expensive) comedy short.

Secret Agent Problems was an official selection at several film festivals where it was an audience favourite with extra cinema screenings added. I hope you relate to this and enjoy it as much as those crowds did.

Thanks for watching,

Tommy Campbell

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