Seikou Yamaoka, iPhone Finger Painting Artist, Creates Digital Watercolors (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

WATCH: Artist Draws Amazing Finger Painting Using Just An iPhone

While many might think of finger painting as child's play, Japanese artist Seikou Yamaoka shows us that the form can truly be used to create something of artistic genius.

Yamaoka uses only his finger tips to create digital masterpieces on his iPhone using the $2.99 app, Art Studio.

His most recent work is a portrait of a geisha which he created on his iPhone 4S.

Yamaoka first sketched the portrait in black and white and then added stunning swipes of vivid color to bring the piece to life. The entire iPhone finger painting took him four hours to complete.

The artist has created such stunning finger paintings while commuting on the train, according to the Telegraph. His goal is to create images that look more akin to watercolor than digital art.

His actual watercolors are just as impressive and a collection of this work can be seen on Yamaoka's official Facebook page.

Fans have taken to Yamaoka's intimate grasp of artistic technology.

"As time marches on, the market is continuously saturated with creative programs that help artists more easily realize their wildest artistic fantasies, but without technological competence it doesn’t seem to matter how well you wield a paint brush," wrote Trend Hunter's Susan Keefe. "These innovations having given rise to a whole new crop of artists, like Yamaoka, who are lucky enough to experience a synergy between their artistic and technological understanding."

Check out some of Seikou Yamaoka's other work in the slideshow below:

Digital Portrait By Seikou Yamaoka

Seikou Yamaoka

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