An Entire Senior Class Aces Picture Day By Hilariously Dressing Up For Their IDs

The class of 2019 at North Farmington High embraces their adorable and viral tradition yet again.

The senior class at a high school in Farmington Hills, Michigan, gets an A+ for bringing the internet some good clean fun this week.

Each year, the graduating class at North Farmington High School in the suburbs of Detroit dresses up on picture day. For most students in the school, the photos taken on this day appear in both the yearbook and on their student IDs.

But because the graduating class takes separate senior portraits for the yearbook, these lucky teens get to be way more creative with their IDs.

Most students look for a celebrity or pop cultural doppelganger to emulate, some seniors told HuffPost.

“I’ve always been known for my curly and poofy hair,” Sydney Gordon, 16, told HuffPost. “So I decided to choose a character that had exactly that.”

Other students dress up in the name of representation.

“Growing up, representation of Asians was limited, and I was very self-conscious about my race,” Jessy Wu, 17, told HuffPost. “So I decided to recreate [Lara Jean from ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’] for my ID! … I had a lot of fun recreating this and hope this inspires all my fellow Asians to embrace their culture.”

And some seniors strive to be completely original.

“I thought it’d be funny to do something random and unlike anything anyone else was doing!” Claudia Cerezo, 17, told HuffPost. “I tried to think of something that required minimum effort and maximum results!!”

Even teachers get in on the fun.

“The teachers and administration also enjoy seeing what the students come up with,” Erika Rust, an English teacher at North Farmington who dressed up as Garth from “Wayne’s World” with fellow teacher Jessica Read, who donned a hat for Wayne. “Many of us encourage their creativity and enthusiasm.”

The tradition dates back to 2013, when a few seniors approached administrators with the idea. After some discussion, they approved it, according to Rust.

The seniors’ IDs at North Farmington have gone viral since then, and the rest of the school has embraced the tradition.

“It is a rite of passage for the seniors and it has been something we have been looking forward to since we were freshmen,” Molly Deighton, 18, told HuffPost. “The one thing that I really like about it is that it’s unique to North Farmington, and while everybody has prom, we have senior ID day, which is always the best day of the year.”

Check out some of the best pictures from the class of 2019 below.

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