Get it, girl!

If your go-to sex position is laying back in missionary, it's time to get on top.

"Being on top offers more gratification than other sex styles because it lets you feel close to your partner and puts you in charge of your own pleasure," sex educator Beverly Whipple, PhD, tells Cosmopolitan.

In the video above by Cosmopolitan, Instagram fitness star Ainsley Rodriguez shares seven exercise moves that will make woman-on-top sex positions even sexier.

Aside from boosting your body confidence, this combination of lunges, squats and tummy tucks also strengthens your core and thigh muscles, meaning you'll having no problem staying on top all night long.

Of course even the sexiest positions can get boring if they're the only ones you're doing, so be sure to shake things up by switching positions every now and then. Get the most of these exercises with these 15 woman-on-top sex positions from Cosmopolitan.

But ladies, be warned: researchers say riding cowgirl style is considered the most dangerous position for your partner since it is considered the leading cause of penile fractures.

Stay safe out there!

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