A Comic For Anyone Who Does Not Share Food Under Any Circumstances

Please order your own, thank you very much.

Nothing comes between you and your S.O. ― except the food you ordered.

That’s something artist Priscila Barbosa understands on a deep, gut level. Five years into living with her partner, she knows the struggle to share is real.

Here’s how she captured that hard-hitting relationship issue in a comic exclusive to HuffPost:

Art provided by Tumblr Creatr Priscila Barbosa

Yep, we know that look.

Barbosa ― who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil ― told HuffPost that she and her boyfriend now have a no-food-sharing policy.

“We don’t share practically any food,” she said. “We’re both like ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’ on ‘Friends.’”

Barbosa’s illustrations are mostly digital and created using Photoshop. She loves focusing on women as her subjects, as she did in the comic above.

“I think representing women well has to do with truly observing the women around me,” she said.Different bodies, styles, lifestyles. I love watching them, portraying them and learning from them.”

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram and Tumblr, or visit her website.

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