Sienna Miller Channels Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom Ford Oscar Dress (PHOTOS)

Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

Sienna Miller is certainly a fashion figure in her own right, but that doesn't mean she's above taking inspiration from other stylish celebrities. In fact, the actress' latest outfit is essentially a repeat of one of our absolute favorite looks of all time.

While attending an event during the 20th Hamptons International Film Festival on Saturday, Sienna wore a white Alessandra Rich dress that instantly gave us déjà vu. A streamlined floor-length gown complete with an attached cape and cuffs? We knew we'd definitely seen that before. And we had -- Gwyneth Paltrow wore virtually the same ensemble to the 2012 Academy Awards.

We can't really blame Sienna for borrowing the 40-year-old's instantly-iconic look. After all, Gwyn was declared the "World's Best-Dressed Woman" by People magazine this year and she's been hand-picked by both Hugo Boss and Max Factor to shill their goods. So we see this homage as a testament to Sienna's good taste.

Plus, the new mom probably has a pretty full plate at the moment, so we're not holding this lack of originality against her this time. Check out the photos of both ladies in their caped dresses and tell us what you think. Our vote goes with Gwyneth (the bright white hue of the dress paired with her sleek ponytail was perfection), but who do you think wore the look better?


gwyneth paltrow oscars dress

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