20 Signs You're Dehydrated -- And What To Do About It

When's the last time you drank a glass of water?

Dehydration is no picnic. It can cause bad moods, headaches and, in severe cases, forces your heart to work overtime.

There are straightforward reasons a person may become dehydrated; not drinking enough water or neglecting to properly fuel during a workout on a hot day are common culprits. But there are other, less well-known causes, like diabetes, prescription medications and stress, that may also prompt the condition.

In most cases, preventing and treating dehydration is pretty easy: Drink more water, eat more produce and pay attention to your body. But in rare cases, dangerous symptoms such as loss of consciousness, high fever or rapid breathing mean that it's important to contact a medical professional (or call 911) before the condition worsens.

In the infographics below, you'll find 20 signs of mild and severe dehydration and advice for staying hydrated all year round. Study up, then consider pouring yourself a nice glass of agua.

To avoid the symptoms above, keep yourself hydrated with these tips:

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