Where Your Money Went When You Were Single Vs. Where It Goes Now As A Parent...As Measured In Diapers

How many pounds of formula equal a month's worth of coffee? The answer to this post-baby budget question may surprise you.

“Having a baby changes everything.” No matter how many times new parents hear this, no one is fully prepared for the joyous chaos that is parenthood. And this idea of change never really sinks in until baby comes home for the first time. Sleep happens in short and inconsistent spurts; clothes never stay clean for a whole day; and weekly expenses undergo, well, let’s call it a transformation.

The change in your expenses from pre-baby to post-birth may be one of the biggest indications -- on paper at least -- of this enormous, life-altering moment.

We've teamed up with State Farm® to put your spending into perspective with this comparative analysis. From Swedish massages to mountains of sustainable diapers, we’ll show you how far your pre-baby splurges can go now, and what they could buy that will help you raise a happy and healthy child.

family spending habits

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