Sinkhole Opens Near Dunedin, Florida Home

A sinkhole opened the backyard of a home in Dunedin, Fla., on Thursday.

WTSP reports the family that lives in the home was safely evacuated. About a half dozen other nearby residences were also evacuated.

Images captured by the station show a large depression in a yard that has partially swallowed a boat.

According to the Associated Press, a patio has also partially collapsed into the hole, and a nearby pool appears to be structurally compromised.

The sinkhole was said to be 12 feet wide when authorities arrived at the scene, but WTSP reported it was 35 feet in diameter and 30 feet deep.

Homeowner Michael Dupre told Bay News 9 that a sinkhole prevention company had been pouring grout into the home's foundation over the past two days. Grout permeates soft soil and makes it more stable.

But Thursday morning, Dupre woke to what he said sounded like a sledgehammer pounding on a wall.

"There was a sinkhole before and we knew there was sinkhole activity," Dupre told Bay News 9. "After the Seffner sinkhole, we were scared. We've been dealing with our insurance company and finally two days ago, they started working on our house. Now it looks like our home is gone."



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