Sleep Facts: 12 Things We Learned At The Harvard Corporate Sleep Health Summit

Sleep has been called the "third pillar" of health, along with nutrition and exercise, yet according to the CDC, 35 percent of Americans report getting fewer than seven hours of sleep a day. Meanwhile, the typical nightly recommendation for an adult is 7-8 hours.

We feel the effects of sleep deprivation in our energy levels, our ability to focus, and our stress levels -- and it can also significantly affect our work lives. The costs of sleep deprivation on employee productivity, innovation and interpersonal interaction are staggering, and it's hurting corporate America's bottom line.

On Thursday, sleep researchers and corporate leaders came together at Harvard University for the Medical School's Corporate Sleep Health Summit, a series of lively discussions about the impacts of poor sleep -- and how we might create a movement to improve sleep health. Click through the slideshow below for 12 fascinating facts about sleep that we learned at the Sleep Summit.

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