The Sleep Mask That Helps You Enter Into Lucid Dreams

Ever wake up knowing you had a dream but wondering what exactly it was about, who were the people in it and what it means? Usually these dreams frustrate us but lucid dreaming is an entirely different concept. A lucid dream occurs when a person recognizes that he or she is dreaming and even has a level of control to change events in the dream.

The Remee Mask creators claim that by triggering the memory that you are actually dreaming, via red blinking lights, you can become aware that you are asleep and therefore beging control your dreams.

This is not an instantaneous way to spend your nights flying or teleporting, the creators say it takes practice and mindfulness to retrain your brain into dreaming a different way. Check out some more info on lucid dreams here, here and here.

What do you think? Would you buy the $80.00 mask?