Slippery Stairs Is The Japanese Game Show The World Never Knew It Needed

This. Is. Awesome.

Most of us never knew that watching six contestants trying to climb a slippery staircase could be so compelling, but here we are in the upside-down we call 2017.

An episode from a Japanese game show featuring a set of slippery stairs appeared on YouTube this week, and it has captured the internet for good reason: the display of pure athleticism, the never-ending drama, and the joy of watching people in colorful latex onesies tumble (safely) down a staircase.

It’s unclear why the show hasn’t stormed the rest of the world. But if Twitter can make a movie starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o a reality, it’s a safe bet that “Slippery Stairs” is coming to a small screen near you.

There’s so much love for the show already:

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