Snapchat Users Don't Want To Start Paying For Lenses

The good ones cost 99 cents.

Getting bored of the options on Snapchat? Fear not. The messaging app released dozens of new, permanent Lenses on Friday that allow you to add special effects to a selfie. However, they come at a cost of 99 cents each.

You can now buy 30 different Lenses in the U.S., as well Australia, Brazil, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the U.K. and other European countries, Snapchat said. To find the newly launched Lens Store, turn your camera to selfie mode when you're in the app, hold down the screen and scroll past the existing Lenses.

Snapchat users expressed their disappointment in the pricing mechanism on Twitter:

Snapchat launched the Lenses feature in September. One of the most popular Lenses allows users to add a rainbow tongue to their selfie.

"Now you can puke rainbows again and again," the app update says.

The interactive filters, which change daily, have been hugely popular. More than 10 million snaps per day use the Lenses, and more than 100 million people are active on Snapchat daily, the company's website says.