'Snazzy Napper' Is So Ridiculous It Makes The 'Snuggie' Seem Normal (VIDEO)

'Snazzy Napper' Is So Ridiculous It Makes The 'Snuggie' Seem Normal (VIDEO)

And you thought a blanket with sleeves was ridiculous! This real product called a Snazzy Napper is one of the silliest things we've seen marketed to inconvenienced sleepy people in a long while. Aside from the fact that it looks more like a traditional Muslim burqa than a blanket (and they show only women using it) we can't think of anyone who'd want to block out the world to this degree while in public.

There are so many incongruities in the commercial as well. A woman takes a nap on a couch that look like the waiting area in a car dealership, while another does so in an airport and leaves her purse on the floor for anyone to snatch. Another woman using it on a plane appears to be on a private jet, and then there's the announcer's voice which sounds like he's almost in on the joke ("it's sooooo easy!"). The whole thing is just so ridiculous, we're starting to look at the blanket-with-sleeves as a revolutionary product. (Via The Daily What)


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