Social Security Doublespeak

Social Security is a lifeline for millions of Americans. It is one of our proudest historical achievements, this promise from one generation to the next that we will care for those who came before us. Last week we celebrated Social Security's 75th anniversary, and in commemoration I stood with House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman, Sandy Levin, and signed the Medicare Pledge. In doing this, I committed to oppose all efforts to privatize Social Security, divert any funds to private investment accounts, or cut benefits -- a promise I did not make lightly.

The day after I signed this pledge, my opponent, former banking lobbyist Steve Stivers, announced that he also opposes privatizing Social Security. You know, it would be great if this were true, but it's just one more example of political doublespeak -- saying one thing to the public and another when you don't think anyone else is listening.

To tell Steve Stivers to take an honest stand on Social Security, click here.

The truth is, Stivers' campaign is being bankrolled by organizations that have waged a ten year crusade to destroy Social Security: the National Federation of Independent Business -- which Karl Rove praised as "walking hand-in-hand with the Bush Administration" -- and Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform. These groups are working overtime to make sure that their friend Steve goes to Washington, and we all know that when it's time to vote, they're going to call in their favors.

Former banking lobbyist Stivers knows the rules of this game. He played it himself for years. But this year these ties aren't going to go unnoticed -- and we won't let him get away with trading away our safety net in dimly-lit rooms.

There is a way for Steve to show Ohio voters that he is being honest about protecting their Social Security benefits. If he really stands with the people of Ohio, as he says he does, he needs to cut the financial strings tying him to these right-wing special interests that are threatening our families and senior citizens. Otherwise, this is just one more round of political games.

You can join us in calling for Steve Stivers to take an honest stand on Social Security and return the NFIB and Americans for Tax Reform's campaign contributions by clicking here.

Thanks for your support.

Mary Jo Kilroy
Representing Ohio's 15th Congressional District