Man Builds Rad All-Terrain Wheelchair That Looks Like A Tank For War Hero Dad

This son has given his father one cool set of wheels.

To make it easier for his World War II veteran father, Eddie Shaw, to move around, Peter Shaw built a custom, motorized wheelchair that mimics the design of a war tank, the Mirror reported. Peter’s creation allows his 96-year-old father to easily navigate rough and uneven ground, all while paying tribute to his war hero past. 

"My dad was attacked by tanks during the Second World War,” Peter told the Express. “He never got chance to ride them but managed to fight one off with anti-tank missiles. Now this is his chance to have his own little tank.”

According to the Mirror, Eddie's wife died two years ago, so he came to live near his son in Ellesmere, England. 

Locals from the village donated funds to make the custom creation a community effort. Using the engine from a motorized wheelbarrow, Peter and three friends built the chair, which -- complete with a van seat and caterpillar tracks -- can go up to 8mph, the Express reported. The design allows the chair to smoothly move on sand, so the father and son can enjoy trips to the beach.

"It is amazing, it is very stable and can tackle any ground with ease,” Peter told the Mirror.

Ride on, Mr. Shaw. We salute you!


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