Sperm Bank Offers Celebrity Look-Alike Donors (VIDEO)

A Southern California sperm bank is raising eyebrows with its offer of celebrity look-alike donors. California Cryobank filters its donors by their physical similarities to celebrities, and prospective parents can scroll through photos of the celebrities that they would like their donor to resemble. Cryobank communications manager Scott Brown concedes, it's not an exact science:

Instead of using sophisticated face-recognition gear, Brown and a panel at the Cryobank simply put pictures of their existing roster of sperm donors up on a big screen while they vigorously debate who the person most looks like.

The program has its critics:

University of Albany professor Bonnie Steinbock bashed California Cryobank's celebrity-match program on CNN, saying, "There's something strange about a culture that has stratified rigid types of beauty where everyone looks alike; now they're trying to create children through who the actor of the moment is."

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