Spot-On Video Sums Up The Annoying Moments Women Aren't Taken Seriously


When it comes to being taken seriously, women are rarely given the upper hand.

A video from BuzzFeed Yellow highlights three instances in particular when women are often dismissed: when they take credit where it's due, when they talk about sports and when they're assertive. The video features a man and woman doing the same things and (unsurprisingly) getting different responses.

When a manager attributes a particular success to the wrong dude, another speaks up for himself and she dutifully corrects the error. In a different scenario, a woman speaking up for her contribution is rebuffed with, "Well, we're all part of a team here."

Later, the woman corrects a guy at the bar about the Dodgers' last World Series win. "Sure about that? Is your boyfriend a Dodgers fan or something?" he asks. Not quite. 

That's what we call a home run. So ladies -- lest anyone suggest otherwise -- keep taking the credit you deserve, talking sports and being assertive.

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