9 Beauty Dilemmas Every Girl Encounters During Spring Break

Ah, it's finally spring break, and you get to take a much-needed vacation from classes, the snow and more snow. Whether you're jetting off to Mexico or across the globe for an alternative mission project, we're sure that it's going to be loads of fun.

And, while you think you're excited for a warmer climate -- think again. We're pretty sure you'll be showing up at the beach sans sunscreen to get your tan on, only to be red as a lobster by the time you get back to the hotel. And, of course, that's not the worst part, because skin peeling is one of the most unsightly things we've ever experienced.

Basically, traveling can cause a great deal of beauty drama, and for those of you who can relate or haven't seen the repercussions (well, yet), here are nine dilemmas that are bound to happen during spring break.

1. Annoying Dry, Itchy Skin

Solution: Carry some calamine lotion, or any moisturizer for that matter. You'll combat dryness, and even some dark spots or rashes that might pop up throughout the week.

2. Allergies Galore!

Solution: Questionable shellfish and climate change may give you hives or puffy eyes, so do what you have to do (like, bring some Benadryl) to get you out of a swollen mess.

3. Pool And Ocean Waters Are Manicure Ruiners

Solution: Unless you're down with gel manicures, your nail polish is bound to chip. But, if you wait to get your mani/pedi at your destination, they'll last longer than a three-day-old job.

4. Not To Mention, Water Can Burn The Hell Out Of Your Eyes

Solution: Just one of the woes of taking a dip in some beautiful salt water. But seriously, Visine is your best friend.

5. Frizzy Hair Because, Of Course

Solution: Everything is sticky and humid on spring break, meaning that your hair probably looks like a tornado of flyaways. But don't worry, leave-in conditioner is easy to use and will help maintain your warm-weather hairdo.

6. Sunburn In Every Form

Solution: It's highly likely that you'll get a sunburn, and also highly likely that it will hurt like hell. So, apply sunscreen before you put on your bathing suit, and if you do get burned -- take Advil right away to ease the pain!

7. You'll Turn Into A Critter

Solution: Another thing to watch out for? Raccoon eyes. Nothing is scarier than falling asleep with sunglasses on, and then realizing that the rings around your eyes are here to stay (at least for a few days). SUNSCREEN PEOPLE. REAPPLY.

8. First Comes The Burn, Then Comes The Peeling ...

Solution: Ah, now your skin is peeling, and it's sort of like a little reminder that spring break was both fun, and last week. Make sure to lotion up, and don't pick at your skin!

9. Let's Get Funky

Solution: Think blondes have more fun? Not when blonde hair is suddenly green from the pool! The best way to prevent this is by conditioning before you take a swim, and then washing again right after you're out of the pool.

SEE YOU, Spring Break 2014

But the one thing that sucks the most? Before you know it, you're saying adios to your beautiful tropical locale.

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