Sprinklers Turn On During Dolphins-Seahawks Game (VIDEO)

Nothing has been going right for the Miami Dolphins. And thanks to the grounds crew at Sun Life Stadium, they may have joined Mark Sanchez atop the 2012 Football Follies list.

Late in the third quarter, with Seattle leading 14-7, the sprinklers on the field suddenly went off drenching all of the players on the field.

The game was briefly delayed as players dried themselves off.

According to Fox Sports West & NFL Network reporter Jamie Maggio, the sprinklers went on because they were not reset from Saturday.

Not surprisingly, several who watched took to Twitter to react. Many were reminded of a certain Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

More from the Associated Press:

MIAMI (AP) — Stadium lawn sprinklers have briefly showered the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks during the third quarter of their game.

On a cloudless afternoon, the sprinklers came on between plays and covered most of the field Sunday, drawing a cheer from the crowd and causing a brief delay. The sprinklers were quickly turned off, and players toweled off before the action resumed.


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