18 Geeky Gifts For The Biggest 'Star Wars' Fan You Know

Can we have them all?

As the loathsome Watto once said, "Your Jedi mind tricks don't work on me, only money." So, get ready to cough up some cash this holiday season.

This is a huge year for "Star Wars" fans -- "The Force Awakens," the first major "Star Wars" movie since 2005, opens Dec. 18, and there's no end to the product tie-ins. Want some Chewbacca-inspired Coffee-Mate? It's yours. (Gross!) "Star Wars" AA batteries? Sure.

Like a vibroblade through womp rats, we cut through the chaff and picked 18 gifts "Star Wars" lovers will actually appreciate. And if these aren't enough, our colleagues on HuffPost Lifestyle picked out the best "Star Wars" kitchen gadgets.

This piece is adapted from a 2014 feature.

'Star Wars' Vinyl Record Clock -- $34.95
This vinyl wall clock is crafted in Ukraine and spotlights iconic characters and the Death Star II. It's handmade and takes up to two weeks to ship, so order fast or you'll have to hand over an IOU. That said, the item's unique enough that your recipient should be okay with waiting. Where to buy:Etsy.
BB-8 By Sphero -- $149.99
We'll level with you: This is an absurdly expensive toy. But, as we discovered when we first played with it in September, it's all but guaranteed to put a smile on your favorite youngling's face. Where to buy: Get it straight from the source at sphero.com or at retailers like Best Buy.
Limited Edition 'Star Wars Battlefront' PlayStation 4 -- $399.99
The shadow of greed, this is. But hella sweet, your child will find it. Where to buy: Stock is dwindling, but you can still pick it up on Amazon or your local electronics store.
Chewbacca Can Cooler -- $12.99
"Star Wars" and beer go together like mynocks and power cables. Keep your cans cool -- and your hands warm -- by employing this adorable (and vaguely upsetting) hollowed-out Wookiee fluff. Where to buy: This little guy is available exclusively on ThinkGeek.
'Star Wars Tales' Vol. 1 -- $10.99 - $14.99
This collection of comics from 1999 remains one of the finest pieces of "Star Wars" literature this side of Hoth. It has a little something for everyone: A short story about Darth Vader hunting down the last of the Jedi? Check. A hilarious caper featuring the unfortunately named Jizz-Wailers and their stolen van? Check. Where to buy: The paperback is out of print for now, but you can get the Kindle edition for $10.99 or buy digitally on ComiXology for $14.99.
R2-D2 Trash Can -- $129.99
No sane person would ever buy this for themselves, which is exactly why it makes a great gift. A unique opportunity to truly make R2 an "overweight glob of grease," as C-3PO once called him. Where to buy: ThinkGeek.
Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Captain Phasma Statue -- $69.99
If you want to celebrate the toughest-looking woman ever featured onscreen in a "Star Wars" flick, you'll want to pick up this limited-edition figure. You'll have to wait until spring 2016 for it to ship, but it looks worth it. Where to buy: A10 Collectibles, PlayAsia.
'Star Wars' First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter LEGO Set -- $69.99
There's a long line of "Star Wars"-branded LEGO sets, and they're truly all over the place in terms of value. There are small stocking stuffers based on iconic ships for $10, and there's a $400 replica of the Death Star. But this new take on the TIE fighter, a ship first featured in the original trilogy and spotlighted in the new "Force Awakens" movie, is the right way to go: It's not too expensive, contains a reasonably substantial 517 pieces and can shoot plastic "lasers" at the family cat. Where to buy:LEGO.com, Amazon.
R2-D2 Beanie -- $24.99
The perfect hat for your favorite malfunctioning little twerp. Where to buy: Etsy.com.
Death Star USB Wall Charger -- $29.99 - $39.99
You will literally know the power of the Dark Side with this thing. Where to buy: ThinkGeek, Amazon.
Death Star Ice Sphere Mold -- $9.99
It makes ice shaped like the Death Star. Obviously amazing. Where to buy:Amazon, ThinkGeek.
'TIE Fighter Special Edition' -- $9.99
In 2014, video game website GOG.com at long last acquired the rights to distribute some classic "Star Wars" titles digitally. The best is arguably "TIE Fighter," a starship simulator game from 1994 that hasn't been readily available on modern machines for years. Gifting this is like giving a little piece of history -- one that'll definitely impress any "Star Wars" fanatic. Where to buy:GOG.com.
'Goodnight Darth Vader' -- $14.95
Though it's decidedly not true to the "Star Wars" cannon -- Darth Vader, in fact, tried to murder his son when first they met -- this cute bedtime book earned accolades after its release last year for its sense of humor and art. Where to buy:Amazon, wherever books are sold.
R2-D2 Mini Crayons -- $4.00
Leave it to Etsy to present the world's favorite astromech droid in non-toxic Crayola form. Where to buy:Etsy.com.
'The Star Wars' -- $14.99
Dark Horse
This comic book collection is based on the original rough-draft screenplay and concept art for the 1977 movie. It's a cool "What if?" sort of story for the "Star Wars" fan who thinks they've seen it all. Where to buy: You can try to nab the out-of-print paperback on Amazon or wherever books are sold, though the series is also available digitally on ComiXology for $14.99.
Death Star Bluetooth Speaker -- $69.99
The Max Rebo Band probably sounds amazing on this thing. Where to buy:ThinkGeek, Amazon and similar stores.
'Star Wars' Insider Special Edition 2016 -- $17
Titan Magazines
This is like the Penthouse magazine of "Star Wars" nerdery. It showcases classic articles from the long-running "Star Wars" Insider publication, in addition to new content like a feature celebrating the 30th anniversary of the made-for-TV movie "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor."(Not a joke.) Where to buy:TitanMagazines.com.
A Cheap Tablet Loaded With A Bunch Of 'Star Wars' Stuff -- $49.99+
Amazon's latest Kindle Fire tablets are really inexpensive -- they start at $49.99. Instead of buying a slew of wasteful physical items for your favorite "Star Wars" fan, you could get a tablet and load it up with digital games, movies, comics and novels before wrapping it up and handing it over. Here's what we'd recommend:

- New Amazon Fire 7 tablet ($49.99): Inexpensive and well-reviewed.

- "Knights of the Old Republic" (Free currently; $9.99 normally): One of the greatest "Star Wars" games ever, now optimized for touchscreen devices.

- "Darth Vader" Vol. 1 comic ($11.99): This recent collection from Marvel gives us a new look at the time between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back."

- "Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection" ($89.99): All of the movies in one place.

- Heir to the Empire novel ($7.99): While this story is no longer part of the official "Star Wars" canon, it's still a fan favorite.