Stephen Colbert Reveals Winner Of Super PAC Treasure Hunt, Explains How Complicated It Was (VIDEO)

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert gave a small antique silver turtle with a bell to a college student on Thursday night.

"It's great for attracting women, if you're in to getting it on with a turtle," Colbert said.

Daniel Stough, a student at the University of Pittsburgh, won the turtle by following a treasure map with a series of clues included in the Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Kit he sold to college students online.

Colbert announced the treasure was found in Dixon, Ill., the hometown of Ronald Reagan. Stough found a fake log, and inside was an email address the winner could use to contact Colbert.

Since Stough found the treasure, Colbert will visit his college campus in the fall.

In another video, posted only on the Colbert Nation website, they went into more details explaining how to actually find the treasure -- and showed it was incredibly complicated.

Watch Stough collecting his treasure on the Colbert Report in the video above, watch Colbert revealing how to solve the treasure map in the video below.