Stingray Photobomb: Vacation Snapshot Highlights Stingray Swims (PHOTO)

LOOK: Stingray Photobomb!

A photo of shocked swimmers being "photobombed" by a stingray is going viral on image sharing site Imgur -- and Reddit commenters are upvoting it, too.

While the image is funny on its own, it's also a reminder of the many places around the world that offer stingray swims to visitors.

Among the most famous is Stingray City in Grand Cayman, which HuffPost Travel blogger BJ R. Siasoco wrote about in May:

Operators around the island offer tours and charter boats to Stingray City. On this trip I went on a chartered catamaran with Red Sail Sports, leaving from Rum Point on the island's north shore. When you arrive to Grand Cayman yourself, ask your hotel or local accommodation for their recommendations, who knows, they may even know a local willing to take you out on their boat for cheap! Most tours will go to the sandbar, a perfect place for those looking for a beginner's introduction to stingrays.

While there's no way to confirm if this shot is indeed from Grand Cayman, one thing's for certain: It's hilarious.

UPDATE, 3:15 p.m., September 28: Multiple commenters have written in to HuffPost Travel to confirm that this shot is indeed from Stingray City. "I've spent time in the Caymans at Stingray City," writes one. "The boat markings and flag are identical to Moby Dick Tours in Grand Cayman."

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