Watch Straight Men Learn The Struggle Of Kissing Someone With Facial Hair

"It tickles...I don't like it."

A new BuzzFeed video gives straight men an opportunity to learn an important lesson: kissing someone with facial hair can be awful. 

The video turns the tables on two hetero never-kissed-someone-with-facial-hair men by bringing in a make-up artist to apply beards and mustaches to their girlfriends. While the women seem to enjoy their new facial hair -- one even thinks she could rock a pretty solid man bun -- their boyfriends struggle to get into their new looks. 

After they get over the initial shock of seeing their lady friends with beards, it's time to make out. And the results are hilarious. One man describes the experience of kissing someone with facial hair as "weird," and says, "It tickles...I don't like it."

The men discover a newfound respect for their patient partners, and learn what it's like to have every kiss accompanied by stubbly facial hair. One man even promises to start "conditioning" his beard for a less itchy kissing experience. 

Watch the full video below. 

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