'Sun Come Up' Shows Sad Fate Of Climate Refugees In Carteret Islands (VIDEO)

In Papua New Guinea's Carteret Islands, the connection between land and sea runs deep. Jennifer Redfearn's new documentary "Sun Come Up" highlights how it has provided the islands with not only their sustenance, but their culture. As one islander says, "the ocean is like a mother to my people."

But as "Sun Come Up" reveals, this powerful bond between the Carteret people and the sea may one day only live in memory. The Carteret Islands are one of a growing list of island nations that are falling victim to rising sea levels caused by climate change, and the islanders are all too aware of it.

They will have no choice but to move to higher ground, and their options are grim as they search for a home in war-torn Bougainville, an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea. And when that happens, "we will not be the Carteret people anymore," an islander sadly concludes.

"Sun Come Up" will make its world premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, where it was an official selection.

WATCH the trailer: