Lily Loses It Over Another Surprise Trip To Disneyland (VIDEO)

There seems to be only one thing Lily loves more than ditching school: surprise trips to Disneyland.

She loves them so much, in fact, that tears stream down her face, and she can only mumble vague syllables.

Lily's parents posted a YouTube video of that reaction earlier this month, when they opted to surprise their daughter with a trip to Disneyland instead of dropping her off at school, as she'd expected.

Seated next to Lily in the car is little Chloe, whose reaction to her sister's extraordinary freak-out is equal parts confusion and bafflement, with just a dash of incredulity. (View it at 2:05.)

At this rate, Lily may need new adrenal glands by the time she's 18. Just two years ago, for Lily's 6th birthday, her parents surprised her with a trip to Disneyland. That priceless moment was also captured on video.

The description for the latest video reads, "2 years later and she is still the sweetest, most deserving, grateful child! We love her so much..." We can only hope the family wasn't compensated by Disney for either of these fantastic childhood freak-outs.

Watch the video clip above. Lily's reaction starts at 1:49.

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