Now You Can Reserve A Table At Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen

Eat at the place where Doritos Locos tacos were born.

Holy Chalupa.

Taco Bell is giving everyday folks the opportunity to dine on the very finest of fast food cuisine.

On May 19, 32 lucky Taco Bell fans will get to eat at the company’s test kitchen located in Irvine, California — the place where exquisite dishes like Doritos Locos Tacos to the Naked Chicken Chalupa were born.

The dinner will consist of new menu items inspired and plated by Taco Bell’s top creators and chefs, according to a press release. It will also feature twists on Taco Bell favorites, which we hope include something super glamorous like deconstructed nachos you can dip into a giant fire sauce fountain.

On Cinco de Mayo (May 5), Taco Bell will unveil a URL that will take you an Opentable page where you can make a reservation for the event. The first 32 people to snag a seat get to bask in the glory of possibly eating something superbly silly, like 12-layer beefy avocado toast, while sitting at a table made entirely of Cool Ranch Doritos.

And if you don’t get into this event, have no fear. Taco Bell plans to have “a series of dining experiences” sprinkled throughout the year.

We’ll raise a Mountain Dew negroni to that.