Gulf Oil Spill Tarballs Continue To Wash Ashore On Fort Morgan, Alabama Beach (VIDEO)

BP cleanup crews returned to work Monday after a 10 day break, WKRG reports, and they seem to have their work more than cut out for them. Tarballs have been washing up all along the shores of Alabama's Fort Morgan beach.

According to the Press-Register, they range in size from as small as a nickel to as large as a person's palm. The tarballs are so plentiful on the beach that they are seldom more than an inch apart from each other on shore.

In a BP press release, the company says, "We've stated all along that we expect the beaches to be clean by spring break 2011 tourism season. That's been our goal and commitment all along and we are making steady progress towards meeting that goal."

BP attests that most of the oil has been removed, and that the company will continue to remove oil until it is completely gone.