'Doctor Who' Fan Proposes To Girlfriend With Epic Homemade TARDIS

"Doctor Who" fans ready to pop the question should take cues from Bill Cindrich.

The fan recently proposed to his girlfriend in front of a homemade TARDIS. complete with a "Will You Marry Me?" sign.

We're sure this Time Lord's two hearts were pounding with excitement. The good news is she accepted the proposal.

"If she would have said no I was going to have a beautiful blue bonfire that night," Cindrich wrote in a Reddit thread earlier this week.

Here's how we imagine the big day going down: The Ood will probably sing the couple's praises as The Face of Boe pronounces them Time Lord and wife. The pair will then honeymoon on the planet Midnight and tour the cosmos in search of the best anti-gravity restaurant around.

We have a feeling Cindrich won't be the only Whovian to propose in such epic manner: The groom-to-be just posted a photo series showing how he built the life-size T.A.R.D.I.S. replica.

We can't wait to see who's next.

Emotional Proposal Photos