Muckraker James O'Keefe's 'Teachers Unions Gone Wild' Video Stirs N.J. Controversy

The self-proclaimed muckraker behind the ACORN sting and a series of other undercover videos has taken a stab at a New Jersey teachers union.

In his "Teachers Unions Gone Wild" videos, James O'Keefe released unflattering comments made by veteran teacher Alissa Ploshnick at a New Jersey Education Association conference.

Alissa Ploshnick's unintentional starring performance in the "Teachers Unions Gone Wild" video included, among other things, using the "N" word and joking about how hard it is for tenured teachers to be fired. It was all caught on tape at a hotel bar during the weeklong conference in August.

Since the video surfaced, Ploshnick has been suspended from her job as a special education teacher and denied a pay raise, according to The Star-Ledger.

At a time when the discussion over education reform is swirling around teachers unions nationwide, the controversy has a distinctly political edge.

Some education reformers have argued that unions hinder progress by safeguarding ineffective teachers. Union representatives meanwhile respond that reformers are unfairly targeting teachers.