Tesla's Robot-Snake Will Charge Your Car And Give You Nightmares

"Does seem kinda wrong :)"


How would you like one of these living in your garage?

The latest invention from Tesla looks perfectly convenient... and perfectly creepy. It's essentially a robot-snake that will find the car's charging port and plug itself in. 

Even Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk joked on Twitter about the charger.


Musk said last year the company was working on a charger that looks like a "solid metal snake" and added "for realz."  

As the new video shows, it's definitely "for realz." 

Musk also said at the time that the snake-charger would work on all existing Tesla cars, although few details have been released.

The company said in its tweet on Thursday that the charger is a prototype, which suggests it could still end up looking a little less threatening if and when it reaches the market. On the other hand, having one of these lurking in the garage or driveway might be even better than a guard dog if it can freak out potential intruders. 


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