Texas Lawyer Makes His Case For Best, Loudest Ad Ever

Is justice ready for the 'Texas Law Hawk'?

Have you heard of Bryan E. Wilson, the "Texas Law Hawk"? Or should we say "TEXAS LAW HAWK!!!" cause this is one loud lawyer. No, really loud, even by barrister standards.

And he just made the loudest, funniest, best darn attorney commercial on either side of the Rio Grande.

In his latest viral video, Wilson reaches out to clients who might be facing a breathalyzer on Halloween.

Wilson, a Texas Tech law school grad who's got a practice in Forth Worth, includes a goofy skit of a cop too happy to bust folks, some sobering facts, and his voice. It's bigger than Texas.

One YouTuber paid him the ultimate compliment: "I am a Canadian and not in trouble and I still want to call you !!"

Hell ya.

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