The #1 Thing You Could Be Doing to Sabotage Your Business


As a transformational coach, I rarely focus on the negative side of things. Usually I'm all about positive vibes and what you can do to create success in your business, but today, I want to spend spend some time on a growing trend I'm continuing to see in the coaching industry -- lack of authenticity.

If you're a successful business owner looking to create long-term sustainable success, then you need to avoid teaching on a topic that you have not yet mastered. For instance, in the coaching industry, I've seen so many coaches talk about how to have 5-figure months, when they've only had one. Or how to manifest money, but they're living at home with their parents.

The most important thing here is to walk your talk. If you're not having consistent 5-figure months, then don't try and teach others how to have consistent 5-figure months. And if you haven't manifested the money, or you're struggling financially, or you haven't mastered self-love to a certain degree, then please don't sell yourself as an expert in the area. Instead, be authentic, honor where you are, and teach what you've mastered.

I've seen far too many businesses, and have worked with mentors as well, where they're not walking their talk. And here's the truth: People know, they know when you're being real -- they can feel it.

So if you're a potential client looking to hire a coach or mentor, and you're confused or you feel like there's so many people to choose from and you don't know who to choose, then start by taking a look at their testimonials. Now, I know most people aren't going to post a crappy testimonial, but looking at them is a good place to start.

I'd then ask them how many years they've been in business. Sometimes there are people out there who just wake up and say, "I'm going to coach on X." They go out and create a landing page and start posting on social media, when honestly they don't have any experience or any clue as to what they're doing. And in many cases, they've never even received coaching themselves.

Finally, I'd listen. Listen to the stories they tell on their website, in their marketing, or even on a free training call. A lot of the stories I share, without even telling the listener that I've been in the coaching industry for 5 ½ years, are indicative of my level of coaching mastery and the experiences I've acquired over the years that have lead me to this level of coaching.

If there seems to be a lack of story like, "I went from $300 a month to 5-figures in one month," and then they don't talk about the process or the other months, that's a red flag. You're looking for a track record, for authenticity. There's a lot of people out there that you may look at and think, "Wow! They're making millions," but behind the scenes, they're barely making their bills.

So if I can give you any advice, it would be to do your research and make sure that the coach you're thinking about working with has mastered what they're coaching on.

Rebecca Matias is an intuitive business coach, author and inspirational speaker who supports passionate, high-achieving women entrepreneurs eliminate the patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold them back, so they can break through to their next level of success. Rebecca takes a fierce, laser-focused approach to helping women create 6-7 figure businesses and lives they love because she believes that "when women are financially empowered, the world changes for the better." Rebecca is a proud mother of two amazing boys and is committed to rocking her life out in every area to live her highest potential.

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