The 5 Sexiest Things Found In The Bedroom

By Rohil Aniruth

Here's the unequivocal one-hundred percent most legitimate and accurate list of the five sexiest things in the bedroom. This list is guaranteed to give you a rocking time in the sack.



If you don't have this you don't get to have sex at all. Everyone who's about to be banging body parts together needs to give each other consent before the fun can begin. Receiving consent is super sexy, I mean what's sexier than knowing the person you're with is actually sincerely wanting to have sex with you. Here's a protip, or more a universal truth: it's easier for someone to let out their inner freak when they're comfortable and respected. Apart from letting your freak flag fly, the number one thing that makes Consent sexy, is that it means you're a decent human being and not a disgusting sexual predator.



This is it, the moment you've been waiting for but you're starting to feel the nerves kick in... oh no. What's that feeling of anxiety? Oh no, it's the feeling of modern western advertising companies tricking you into thinking sex is a bigger deal than it is. How are you going to stack up? Is your dong big enough? Is your butt firm enough? What if they see that weird mole you have? Relax. All you need is some confidence.

Have some kinky fantasy? Own it. Sex is fun, so ditch the pressure. The more confident you are with your body and the things you're into, the more comfortable you'll feel and the easier it'll be for your partner to match that level of comfort.



"But condoms don't feel as good!" is the common argument used by douche-stains around the world, but I'd argue that getting a horrendously painful STI doesn't feel very good at all. Not only that, but if you're not looking to bring any mini-you's into the world, why risk it? The difference in feeling isn't significant enough to warrant the risk. If anything condoms give you more options. Flavored condoms are great because any flavor is a significant upgrade from genitals.



Don't forget about caressing. It's easy to only focus on the genitals and yes, that obviously feels amazing - but so does the rest of the body. The neck, shoulders, back and even the upper arms. caressing and appreciating the body in it's entirety is super sexy. Show that weird mole some love.



All great sex culminates in cumming, because if you didn't do that, you did something wrong. Relax, the truth is despite what romantic comedies and porn would lead you believe, finishing, or Cumming, is something that actually doesn't happen every time you have sex. But that shouldn't defeat the fun. The sex can still feel good. So don't beat each other up over it, just beat each other off instead.

There it is. consent, condoms, confidence, caressing and cumming. The 5 sexiest things you can do in the bedroom (which can of course be applied, to the couch, the kitchen, back seat of a car etc.)

Be comfortable, be safe, and have fun.

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