A Desperate Richard Gere Begs For Pills In Exclusive Clip From 'The Benefactor'

The new movie opens Jan. 15.

Richard Gere has turned in bravura work lately, playing a homeless man in "Time Out of Mind" and an unscrupulous hedge-fund magnate in "Arbitrage." From the looks of the first clip from 2016's "The Benefactor," exclusive to The Huffington Post, Gere has another bang-up performance around the corner.

He plays Franny, a pill popper still addicted to the meds he took four years ago, after surviving a car crash that killed his two best friends. When his late friends' pregnant daughter arrives with her husband, Franny inserts himself into their lives in a misguided attempt to eradicate his distress. Co-starring Dakota Fanning, Theo James and Cheryl Hines, "The Benefactor" opens in theaters and on demand Jan. 15. Watch a scene below in which Franny attempts to secure more pills from the pharmacy he frequents. Let's just say things don't go his manic way.


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