The Best Wedding Toast Ever Spoken

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The Best Wedding Toast Ever Spoken

From Natalie Vishny/ Long Time Wedding Planner/ President of Too Many Organizations

Hello there brides and grooms, grooms and grooms, brides and brides.
I am writing this article as a lecture to myself. Because, today, I need to remember what really matters at a wedding.

I have been blessed to plan hundreds of weddings. At every wedding I have ever planned, I have always taken a moment to listen to the toasts. Because, frankly, toasts say all. Toasts say so much about families and friends. I usually have a big tear at wedding toast time.

The best toast I ever watched was this: Dad of the Groom- He said, "Love one another. Look around this room. These are the people who love you. Love them back. You will collect a lot of stuff in your life, but you will not collect people like these ever again."

Future brides and grooms: Have fun while planning your wedding. Get off the Internot. FB, IG, SC, and Pinterest. Enjoy the beauty of your day, and realize you have a long, beautiful life together. Enjoy each and every moment.

Wishing you the best.

Natalie Vishny