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'The Chew' Premiere: Twitter Users Find Debut Hard To Swallow

ABC's new daytime food-centric talk show, The Chew, premiered today. Between the hyperactivity and awkward pace of the food demos, to the forced conversation and stilted flow of the segments, it was clear that this was the first go-round of the show. There were an excessive amount of smiles, a general feeling that the audience had all drunk the same Kool-Aid before the show and Michael Symon recommending a microplane as if it was a newfangled modern gadget. All in all, we can see why the All My Children Fans are angry.

But hey, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt, The Chew. Perhaps your first episode was just a rocky start...after all, you can only go up from here. Twitter users however, may not be so kind.

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