The Common Source of Lack of Confidence, Passion, & Trust

Lack of self-confidence, passion, and/or trust all have a common source - shame.
A simple definition of shame is anger turned inward. The anger that causes shame, in fact, may be undetectable to you. You probably don't even recognize the feeling as anger. If you tune in, you may be able to recognize a slight sense of dissatisfaction. Quite honestly, most people don't want to sit with the feeling of dissatisfaction either.

Mainstream thinking tells us it's better to stay positive and focus on what is good. Of course, that makes sense. The question is how do you know the balance between "being positive" and living in denial?

When the tinges of self-doubt, lack or confidence, or a sense of feeling lost come forward, these are symptoms of negative emotions not being addressed from an empowered approach.

This empowered approach piece is crucial because it allows you to remember that your negative emotions are trying to guide you on how to support you to feel your best. (I know it sounds contradictory, I'll explain more-) Through the lens of empowerment, there is no longer a judgment about feeling dissatisfaction, or any other negative feeling. In other words, dissatisfaction doesn't make you feel ungrateful. Instead, you realize the negative emotion as an opportunity guiding you to create a change.

In terms of dissatisfaction, all this particular feeling is trying to tell you is not to settle because you really DO have the power to change your circumstances. In order to have power to change what is causing you dissatisfaction, you must first admit that the dissatisfaction is within you. Then, you can begin a journey of recognizing the anger underneath your dissatisfaction. By utilizing the empowered energy of anger, you actually learn to get rid of the old, boring stories that tell you that your desire is impossible and instead learn that your desires are, of course, possible. Otherwise, you wouldn't have that desire or dissatisfaction in the first place!

If you've gotten really good at ignoring the negative emotions that are there to help you guide your life, your emotional energy will turn inward. As that energy directs inward in a disempowered way, you end up telling yourself all the reasons why you can't have your desire met or you should stay positive (and if you don't, you are ungrateful!).

Is it any wonder then as to why you would feel a lack of passion, confidence, or self-trust if your emotions go unaddressed from an empowered perspective?

When your emotions are freed up in an empowered manner, you will feel ignited again to feel healthier self-esteem and passion toward living. Let's move out of the Emotional Stone-Age together and share this new way to relate to your negative feelings!