Comics Perfectly Illustrate The BS People With Disabilities Put Up With

And yes, it can be funny.

Two women who use wheelchairs are putting a funny spin on living with a disability.

Sisters and illustrators Jessica and Lianna Oddi are the hilarious minds behind “The Disabled Life,” a comic series loosely based on their lives.

Making that "C" isn't easy with limited use of their arms.
Making that "C" isn't easy with limited use of their arms.

Both women use wheelchairs and have very limited use of their arms, though their diagnosis is unclear.

“Both of us were diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 at birth,” Lianna explained to The Huffington Post. “However recently we’re being re-diagnosed because our specialist doesn’t think we fit the mold. We’re currently waiting results of several tests.”

Lianna, 27, and Jessica, 25, debuted their droll doodles on Tumblr in April and already have almost 2,000 followers.

“There's no right or wrong way to be disabled.”

- Lianna Oddi

“We hope that the disabled community can get a good laugh out of our comics,” Lianna told HuffPost “We also hope that they understand through these comics, that there’s no right or wrong way to be disabled. Everyone copes with it differently, and each disability is different. It’s not about comparing, but more about finding the common, funny ground.”

The sisters may not be able to wrap their arms around you, but they still love a good hug.
The sisters may not be able to wrap their arms around you, but they still love a good hug.

Yet, connecting with others who have disabilities isn’t the sisters’ sole aim.

Their comics tackle topics that anyone can relate to such as online dating, taking selfies and trying to figure out how to rock the latest fashion trend — it’s just covered from their lens.

Uh, rude.

Their perspectives on how able-bodied people often treat those who are disabled are also echoed in their illustrations.

“Strangers will congratulate us for literally existing, or going outside that day,” Lianna said. “We know they mean well, but it comes across as an outdated view on people with disabilities.”

Check out their hilarious takes on everyday occurrences below:

Shopping for jeans can give someone in a wheelchair a case of the blues:

Strangers act like you’re competing in the Paralympics when you’re just taking a spin down the street:

Not being able to flip over while tanning makes laying out seem like a half-baked idea:

The Disabled Life

And snapping that perfect profile pic can be problematic when you have limited hand and arm strength:

But using a chair lift can be downright fun!

Nightclubs can be straight-up nightmares when you use a wheelchair:

Running everyday errands can be a headache as well:

And some people just don’t respect the chair:

But despite how others perceive you:

Life can still be a freakin’ blast:

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