The Downfall of Quitting My Job Too Early


Have you ever thought about quitting your job? I mean really just packing up and walking out because either you had enough or maybe the dream in your heart was ready to burst out that you thought it was time to move on? I have! And I DID!

Years ago, I was well into my career, a great one at that, when I literally walked in and turned in my two weeks notice. The desire of starting the coaching and training
business that I have now, the one where I could see myself standing before large crowds of people since I was in the 12th grade, grew SO strong that I couldn't take it anymore!

Honestly there was nothing wrong with my career! It was actually one that most people would love to have. My co-workers and I would often have conversations about how excited we would be to come back from vacation because we loved our careers so much. I wasn't running away from it, I was running toward the life and destiny that I knew I was supposed to live.

I would literally day dream about it in meetings, I constantly thought about it throughout my entire day, and I definitely couldn't go any length of time without talking about it with some of my closest friends. I was ready! It was time! So much so that my heart physically ached for it!

However, I made a BIG MISTAKE!!! When I quit, I took the leap without a parachute. Of course I knew I was jumping without a job, however, I also jumped WITHOUT A PLAN. All I had was the tremendous desire and compelling feeling to go and go NOW. It seemed like the most amazing idea at the time, however I did exactly what most people do:

1) Wait until a time of crisis and then either willingly making a rash move by jumping ship, like I did, or...

2) Unfortunately get caught in an unexpected re-org or downsizing.

Both experiences, without a plan, leave you feeling uncertain, fearful, and sometimes desperate.
I eventually rescinded my two weeks notice because at that time it was absolutely crazy coupled with a little bit of fear -- OK a whole lot. I realized that:

The right decisions at the wrong time are still the wrong decision.

Get ready to take the leap but make sure you get ready and create the plan you need first.

Here is This Week's Courageous Life Tip:


LOL, seriously, I'm excited that you're ready to move from your career to your calling. All I ask is that you consistently plan as you go. Don't wait until a time of crisis like I did when you just can't take it anymore. While leaving a lucrative a career is just like having a baby, being that it's never going to be the exact right time. Or the fact that you will always be able to find something else to plan for, the right plan + God's voice + faith will help you decide the exact time for your transition. Taking the time to plan your transition while you have time and security versus just thinking about what you want to do next is not only invaluable but necessary.

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