The Fray On Pulling Away From Being A 'Christian Band' (VIDEO)

WATCH: How The Fray Have Transformed From Christian Band To Rock Band

Critically acclaimed rock band The Fray, widely known for their hit "How to Save a Life," sat down with HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri. The Colorado-based foursome discussed their transition from Christian band to a universally known rock band.

Isaac Slade, The Fray lead singer, looked to The Killers as an example in this transition. "We've had some really good examples. I'm thinking about The Killers. Brandon is Mormon and you don't hear him singing Mormon lyrics. He just sings lyrics about life, love, loss longing.... So whatever faith he holds, it’s embodied in his songs,” Slade said.

He continued, "I think we just try to do that and kind of hope that the rest of the static would fade away."

Learn more about the The Fray and their new album "Helios" in the full interview below.

CORRECTION: Due to a transcription error, a previous version of this article referred to Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of the Killers, as "Ben."

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