Deleted Scene From 'The Gift' Revisits Gordo The Weirdo's Infatuation

Here's an exclusive look at what you didn't see in Joel Edgerton's thriller.

"The Gift" was one of summer's surprise hits, but it turns out we haven't heard the last of Gordo the Weirdo. In this exclusive deleted scene from the film, Jason Bateman's character is reeling from the mysterious disappearance of his dog and the arrival of fish that Gordo (Joel Edgerton) presumably deposited in the pond outside his home with no announcement. (If you haven't see "The Gift," Gordo is a former classmate who stalks Bateman's character before revealing he bears an ominous secret.)

The clip finds two seemingly flippant police officers relaying their findings (or lack thereof) in the investigation that's just been opened. It hails from the special features on the Blu-ray/DVD, which is out Oct. 27.


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